Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Senior Pants

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The Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Hockey Pants have been created with the ultimate goal scorer in mind, to protect them while also allowing them to move with freedom
to make the highlight reel.

Viconic: Viconic Impact Protection allows for impacts to be dispersed throughout the pants no matter if you’re battling in a corner or blocking a shot.

CiP: Customizable Impact Protection (CIP) provides the player with a customizable,
adaptable fit, and protection level with a +1 zipper extension so you can make the pads fit the way you want them to..

COP-R29: Anti-microbial liner that is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria and microbe causing odor.

AIZ: Anatomically Isolated Zones (AIZ) gives players even greater protection in vulnerable areas.