Green Biscuits

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Green Biscuit
The Green Biscuit is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills. The Green Biscuit weighs about an ounce less than an official ice hockey puck, but with the added friction from concrete or asphalt, it acts just like the real thing does on the ice.

Not designed for shooting - check out the Green Biscuit Snipe for shooting

Green Biscuit Pro
With all the features of the ‘Original’ Green Biscuit™, the ‘Pro’ includes one more to make it even more real! The Green Biscuit™ ‘Pro’ uses a unique slide grip to provides an even better touch and feel with practicing passing and stickhandling. Heavier weight for increased stability and a more realistic feel, makes the saucer pass an easy skill to master.

For passing and stick handling practice only. Do not use for shooting practice.

Green Biscuit Snipe
The Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck is skillful in improving your sniping performance.
The Green Biscuit Snipe puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that helps develop exceptional shooting skills. Some noticeable features that differentiate it from its prototype are its shooting capability and increased durability, weight, material, and color scheme.

The Blush and Alien Biscuits have the same specification as the standard Green Biscuit.