CCM Ribcor 86K Senior Hockey Skates

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The RIBCOR 86K ice skate is all about performance and agility. Its mix of memory foam and high-density microfiber paired with a durable yet flexible boot makes for an agile hockey skate with an unparalleled range of motion.


INJECTED TECHNOLOGY WITH SYNTHETIC COMPOSITE: Durable boot with structural stiffness.

CCM XS: Stainless steel runner.

HD MICROFIBER: High resistance to wear while delivering major comfort.

SPEEDBLADE XS HOLDER: CCM quick-release holder with bladelock system.

ADPT MEMORY FOAM ANKLE PADDING: Extra comfort memory foam pads wrap around player’s foot for customized fit and comfort.

REPLACEABLE ASYMMETRICAL DUAL LAYER TONGUE: 6mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.