CCM Ribcor 74K Junior Hockey Skates

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The new Ribcor 74K skate features a refined design, giving it the combination of unequaled comfort, fit, and performance. The Ribcor 74K is a skate in its own league.


QUARTER PACKAGE: Injected technology with synthetic composite. Durable boot with structural stiffness.

LINER: Brushed micro-fiber with durazone abrasion protection. Comfortable and high resistance to wear.

TONGUE: Felt tongue with embossed lace-bite protection. 7mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.

OUTSOLE: Reinforced injection with the exhaust system. Solid energy transfer profile.

FOOTBED: CCM Footbed. Provides great support and comfort.

HOLDER: SpeedBlade 4.0. Proven durability with increased attack angle providing greater strides and cornering.

RUNNER: SpeedBlade Stainless. Provides a long-lasting edge for long term performance.