CCM Jetspeed 475 Senior Hockey Stick

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The Carbon Matrix technology at the heart of the CCM JETSPEED 475 hockey stick makes it an efficient, easy-to-handle hockey stick that's sure to boost the quickness and efficiency of your performance on the ice. More shots, more dekes... and more goals.


KICK POINT - HYBRID KICK POINT Creates a hinge effect so you can load the stick using a blend of speed and response.

BLADE - JS3 BLADE With an exclusive dampened core and tactile surface, this lightweight blade is designed to give you an heightened feel for the puck.

SHAFT DIMENSIONS - UNIQUE I GEOMETRY Adjusted specifically for each segment’s hand size, the rounded corners and concave sides improve control and comfort.

MATERIAL - CARBON MATRIX TECHNOLOGY WITH TACTILE BLADE FINISH A lightweight carbon fiber weave for great performance, strength and durability on blade only.