Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Junior Elbow Pads

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The Vapor 2X PRO Elbow Pad is made for the elite level player. It’s the lightest elite level elbow pad on the market; it features exclusive Curv composite, HYPERLITE foam, and full arm coverage.

It allows for a full range of motion while staying securely in place due to the ergonomic 3-piece cap. Stability is the most important aspect for an Elbow Pad, so in our development, we used research that focused on the ergonomics of arm movement. We started from the bone and created an asymmetrical cap to sit perfectly on the elbow.

This leads to a deeper fit and more stability. It’s also been designed to keep you dry and comfortable with a Thermocore Liner, which helps with odor control. The elbow pad will move effortlessly with the player’s body due to the support of Comfort Edge and Sleeve Fit biceps which smooths out movement.


Level: Elite

Upgrades: 3-Piece construction

Lining Material: THERMO CORE

Bicep Guard: HYPERLITE HD foam

Cap: New anatomicaly molded 3-piece cap with molded HYPERLITE foam cap cover

Forearm Guard: HYPERLITE foam with CURV Composite insert

Strapping: Dynaflex lock strap