Bauer Re-Akt 85 Hockey Helmet Combo

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Base: 3D Wrap Aerolite Base (Comfort molded foam + high energy mitigation) 

Occipital: Molded Occipital (Comfort lock for the rear of the head) 

Liner Material: Thermocore zero liner (Manage sweat) 

Performance Pods: DCTech Pods (Mid & Low energy mitigation + comfort foam in key areas) 

Adjustability: Free Form Adjustment (Independent length & width adjustment)  

3D wrap Aerolite base creates a round base around the player’s head, reducing the potential for pressure points. Additionally, the 3D wrap Aerolite base helps mitigate high-energy impacts. 

Molded occipital helps lock the player’s head into the helmet for a comfortable and secure fit.

THERMOCORE ZERO liner is treated to manage sweat and odors while providing a fresh feel all game long.

Defense Cloud Technology pods are placed above the player’s temples for premium comfort. Additionally, DCT pods also help mitigate mid and low-energy impacts. 

The Free Form Adjustment system gives independent length/ width adjustment for a fit that’s truly your own